Women Who Lead

dreamstimefree_102923Women are powerful leaders. Women lead in ways differently from men, not better just different. Let me share with you what I learned about the women I know who lead. Granted this does not represent all women, from all walks of life or all cultures.  This list just represents the women I have met over the years though I believe it represents women.   We are each different depending on where we hold pain inside.  Perhaps reading this will help you find that pain and release it as well as bring out the qualities you have as a woman who leads.   Please add your insights to my list. I would love to hear more.

There are some skills we could learn from men that you will not see on this list of strengths, i.e. the art of negotiating, asking for help, knowing our value.  That is a different blog.

When a woman leads:

  • You can expect things to be more beautiful and appealing to the senses.
  • She will want to bring everyone together. She values team-work.
  • She will set high standards and help you to meet them.
  • She wants you to be the best you can be personally and professionally.
  • She wants to know about you, what inspires you and what you are good at.
  • She will support you but cannot bear whining.
  • She will set high standards and create consequences.
  • She will celebrate and brag about your successes.
  • She will expect you to learn from your failures then do better.
  • She will notice details.
  • She may not always be generous, but she wants to be fair.
  • She will want you to take responsibility for your actions.
  • She values integrity, honesty, and self-reflection.
  • She is intuitive and can tell the truth from a lie.
  • She values communication – between everyone.
  • She will see the best in everything and everyone.
  • She does not hold onto anyone or anything that no longer fits.
  • She is innovative with an intense desire to create.
  • She has a high level of creative energy, wants things to move quickly, loves change and enthusiasm.
  • She is optimistic and can see the possibilities.
  • She is compassionate but does not go into sympathy.
  • If you will her loyalty, she will stand with you.

I could go on and on. After I post this, I am sure I will recall many more attributes women bring as leaders. In general, women naturally lead from their second chakra (sensuality, sentience and emotions) and fourth chakra (compassion and affinity) but also the fifth (communication and creativity), sixth (clear seeing) and seventh (knowing) and not so much from their first and third chakras (command and control).

Meditate on the qualities you bring to your role as a leader.  What qualities do you have that are not being expressed? Decide the aspects of who you are that you want to experience this year.

Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy all that you are,


One thought on “Women Who Lead

  1. Kay, this is so right on! Many of the women leaders I have personally worked with have these attributes (shouldn’t have to say “women leaders”!). I may have to say that I share some of those (at least I tried)! Excellent post!!


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