ISIS or the rise in the feminine

women raised handsI woke up this morning aware of the tremendous change that is occurring. Maybe this was on my mind because of the horrifying actions of ISIS but I can see, feel and hear the voices of women. There is a sense that the energy needs to change from the masculine to the feminine. It needs to happen now.  We cannot wait.

Maybe it was my reflections on the Democratic presidential debate. I like all the candidates and their perspectives but the person at the energy of leadership was Hilary. Her leadership as a woman was clear. It is the time for women to lead in this country and others.  This needs to happen now.

We are in the 15th year of the millennium of the feminine, the number 2. It will take the millennium to make the changes needed in politics, war, health, environment, education and the values that lead us.

As a start, women are growing as leaders. Maria Contreras-Sweet is the first woman to head the SBA. She is aggressively working to help women grow successful businesses. Women are starting and leading successful businesses in record numbers. On the other side, there is resistance to women in leadership. Twitter, who continues to flounder does not have women in leadership. They finally have one woman on their board. This past week Twitter decided to change their board. Williams-Sonoma, a successful business, is one of a few businesses with an equal number of men and women on their board.

Two years ago an organization that I am a board member, NAWBO CA, got a resolution passed in California encouraging publicly owned companies to meet standards for women on their boards. It passed unanimously because studies show that companies with women on their boards are more successful than companies that do not.

Rhonda Rousey, undefeated in mixed martial arts, is being considered for the cover of Sports Illustrated as athlete of the year and states that she does not want to be named the best female athlete. She wants to be named the best athlete. Her perspective inspires many young women to seek to become the best they can be in their sport or their career. Rhonda is pretty, feminine, strong and determined.

Highlighting these few women brings me to the role that each of us plays as women in our world. A woman in leadership is not for a few. We all must lead. The energy of the feminine millennium is ever-present around us. It is in the air and our soul. The energy of the feminine leader is in all of us, so it is up to us to stop, go within and find that strength of spirit. When we connect to that strength, we can bring it into our lives. It will create change for us and those around us. Depending on our personal goal, we will create change within ourselves becoming stronger in who we are and letting who we are to be expressed. It certainly will influence our family and friends, helping others to allow the power of the feminine leader to emerge. We will also influence our community, work, country, and the world.

Women are programmed by the past millennium not to express our feminine leadership, so women do not always emerge as a leader with feminine values. Many have come forth expressing leadership as men do. Seeing women lead like a man shows us that we may need to rediscover the feminine leader within us, not the expression of male leadership in a female body.

I do not pretend to know the full scope of the qualities of feminine leadership, so please add your thoughts and insights to my list. When women lead, we care. We want to collaborate and support others in their growth. We lead a circle, not a hierarchy. Feminine leadership is cooperative. We care about the whole, each other, the environment and the world we live. All life is valued. With female leadership, you can expect fairness, health, generosity, love and beauty.  You can also expect to be pushed to be and do the best possible.

That is not to say that we are all there. We are not. Many of us have lost connection to the feminine within us. To grow as leaders and influencers, we have to start within. From within we can connect to our true feminine energy and express that in the world. To do this, we have to heal ourselves of all the pictures and energy in our space that put us down or lowered our vibration. Energies that moved us away from our feminine core in one-way or another.

So let’s take another step in becoming leaders, letting our light shine and be part of the change we desire for ourselves personally, our families, community, country, and the world. Begin within. Find the truth within you as a woman.

I dreamt last night that all the women had gathered in my home to create a new world. They were women I knew and women I did not. I did not ask them to come. They just showed up and began to create a huge board that showed their collective vision of the world they desired, a world held up by feminine values. It was creative, beautiful and inspiring. They asked me, “Are you joining in?” I had not thought about it. That is why they were in my home, to invite me to take a step up, to join in the energy change on the planet. For that vision to manifest it needs each woman to take a step up in her feminine leadership. It will take the strength of all of our energy to change what is currently controlling the planet.

ISIS and all the killings are the faces of that energy and that energy needs to change. We cannot fight it but we can replace that energy with the energy of feminine. It will take every one of us growing in our feminine leadership. Our collective strength is not strong enough yet so killings continue. Please take a step up to your feminine leadership and add your energy to the change we desire.


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